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How to Make a Mexican Rice Recipe

An authentic Mexican rice recipe is a must-have in any Mexican kitchen. The best authentic Mexican rice recipe is by far, one of the most asked and desired recipes to prepare for any Mexican dish. It can be used for breakfast, desserts, or even as a starter.

As I am a foodie, I always look for how to make mexican rice that is easy and yet fluffy at the same time. There are various reasons why some recipes turn out to be bland and not appetizing. I usually find it either because of improper preparation, cold ingredients, high-temperature cooking, lack of freshness, too much salt, or absence of flavor. These are just a few reasons. If you want to know how to achieve the perfect restaurant-style Mexican rice recipe, then here are some tips: For starters, you should try using organic cooking products whenever possible. Freshly grated vegetables and fruits are much healthier compared to canned ones.

Second, use fresh ingredients whenever possible. Instead of using frozen pre-made foods, try making your own. Making homemade meals is very practical as you get to control the quality of each ingredient and therefore maximize its nutritional benefits. Here are some simple steps on how to make Mexican rice recipes successful:

* Prepare the ingredients. To start with, soak the dried beans in water for about 20 minutes before cooking. Then, chop them up to form the basis of your recipe. Alternatively, if you have extra beans, you can also grind corn or seeds to make a similar dish. Remember to drain the soaking water first so that you do not end up cooking with partially cooked beans and seeds.

* Prepare the rice. When it's ready, let it dry, and then add your desired flavors, like chicken or beef, and stir fry them until they are translucent. If you like, you can also marinate the meat in a few teaspoons of lime juice for an added flavor. After this step, it's now time to actually cook the rice. Use a wooden spoon to stir-fry the peas for a couple of minutes until they are golden brown. Explore more about the best jasmine rice recipe that is easy and fast to prepare now.

* Set the lid and heat the pot. Turn on the valve to bring the water to a boil and add a tablespoon or two of oil. Once you turn the valve away from the flame, remove the pot from the heat and place it aside. Turn the valve back on to continue cooking the rice for another five minutes or so, or until the water starts to drain out of the pot. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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